the WaveBlocker


The waverblocker is a multi-layer mobile phone shield made of approved high-tech materials. One layer has a specially alloyed metal shield that deflects electromagnetic radiation, while the other layer absorbs electromagnetic radiation and retains the heat which otherwise is directed into the head. The reduction in heat to the head has been measured to beas much as 4° Celsius.

Electromagnetic radiation

Mobile phones emit electromagnetic radiation, which is measured in milliwatts (mW). A modern digital GSM telephone generates an average effect of 200 mW, whereas an analogue wireless phone emits an average power of 10 mW.

Electromagnetic radiation is known from microwave ovens. Though the power radiated from a mobile phone is up to 500 times weaker, the "waves" that heat up food in a microwave oven are the same as those emitted by a mobile phone.

In practice, the problem is that the mobile phone is held close to the head and our brain tissue while we talk.
Electromagnetic radiation consists of an electromagnetic field (EMF) created by fluctuating or accelerating electrical charges such as those emitted by mobile phones or other transmitting/receiving equipment.
The EMF radiates into surrounding objects, including the human organism, which in this case functions as antennae.

The side effects of radiation

While you talk on your mobile phone, electromagnetic radiation is being directed straight into your head. The research shows that up to 80% of this energy can be absorbed by the head and brain tissue. Over time, this could affect the nerve cells in the brain and imply a potential risk of cell mutation.

Symptoms of exposure to regular electromagnetic radiation include high blood pressure, fatigue, headache, concentration difficulty, loss of memory and uncomfortable heat in and around the ear.
Studies indicate that intense electromagnetic radiation may cause much more serious diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinsons's, leukaemia and brain tumors. The risk increases when mobile phones with elevated/high field emanation are used, depending on how much and how often they are used.

Children and young people up to the age of 15-16 are particulary vulnerable as their cranium is thinner compared to adults and they are still growing and developing biologically. The human organism is particularly sensitive to electromagnetic radiation while it is growing.

Reduced radiation

By reducing electromagnetic radiation, the waveblocker is able to diminish the potentially harmful effect on the nerve cells of the brain by up to 86% in the vulnerable area in and around the ear.
The SAR-value can be reduced by up to 29% emitted from the mobile phone.

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SAR, Specific Absorption Rate and Therma test approvements by the following independent institutes:
  • IMST GmbH, Germany
  • Precisions Technic A/S, Denmar
after Research: no red, yellow or green radiation fields